Tai Chi Brush Work Performance Art





The energy and encourage to the reflection

The release of energy through the brush strokes to create a running horse image with the head turning back, suggesting the energy and encourage to the reflection on his path. The art action involved the improvisation with life music by Brian Law.


The nature of Thought.

Through the interaction and improvisation of Henry’s Tai Chi Horse painting with guitar music, the perception of thought and the nature of ideas are suggested.


 “The Inner Energy”

Concept: the innated and raw energy is suggested by the horse action painting, which was viewed from inside and out of a space. The art action is involved in Tai Chi action painting, interactive life music and video art.

Site location: downtown Toronto, Canada.

Time: summer 2016.

The Layer Touch
Sensitive brush strokes drawn on translucent fabric accompanied by an improvised piece of music, showcasing the subtlety and sensuality of sound and stroke, haptic responses of the mind to music and materiality.